Preview: Pole Unity 2010

Saturday 26th June 2010, from 6.30pm to 10pm at the Wyllotts Theatre, Darks Lane, Potters Bar, Herts

This is the fourth year Pole Unity has taken place in aid of the Make a wish foundation. The event is designed to give those who would not usually have the opportunity to perform on stage, such as beginners and amateurs, the chance to dance in a non competitive environment. We wanted every one to feel like a winner and hopefully we have achieved that.

We ask school or groups from around the world to choreograph a routine with a theme and music to perform on the night. This year is our biggest so far with 68 schools applying to take part. Every year they raise they bar even higher and this year will be the best yet.

The event is a celebration of all form of pole dance and fitness, and is aimed at anyone who loves pole. Every one watching and performing will learn a cheeky new move or combo and see how different styles are from school to school.

We also have a fantastic group made up of pole dance competition winners to look out for!

Spectators can expect to see fantastic shows from thriller to snow white and the seven dwarfs! You will see the different understanding of how people see pole dancing and It just shows that you cant put pole in a box, its so open to interpretation.

We have a waiting list for those who wish to take part in this years show, and those that do not take part this year and have never taken part will be put on the list for next year. Please email info@verticaldance.com to enter, and remember its not just schools groups can take part - whatever level you are, Pole Unity is open to you.

We also take applications from super advanced groups to be the guest performers of the night.

Ticket prices and how to purchase will be announced in April at www.verticaldance.com/poleunity.

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