North Wales Pole Competition

Wales' first ever pole competition kicked off in style at the weekend!

The 1st ever North Wales Pole Competition was a huge success. The competitors had worked extremely hard and we thank each and every one of them for their marvellous performances.

The 2 performing judges were spectacular as always with Karen Chaundy aweing the audience with her strength and flexibility while Sally- Ann Giles entertained the crowd and was a true inspiration to all the girls. The Break n Spin dancers and Polly Lagdon were brilliant, and we feel privilaged to have had them open our competition, along with the fantastic Zara Grove who gave us a 'sparkling' hoop performance.

All the girls really were amazing, and the vast majority of them had never performed in public before; they all did themselves proud and their schools must also share in that pride. Thank you to all the sponsors: Pagans Pole, X-Pole, Pole2Pole magazine, Sharp-Shooters, Candy & Chrome, Mighty Grip, Glyn Davies, UKAPP, BIPDC, Katie Thomas (our lovely pole cleaner) and Katrina Collins (our lovely compare) who each helped to make the NWPC a success.

The winners were:

1st - Katie Davies (Lovespin)
2nd - Melanie Stott (Pagans Pole)

1st - Heather Walker (Pagans Pole)
2nd - Ellie Humphreys (Sharp Shooters)

1st - Rhian Burrell (Sharp Shooters)
2nd - Sam Sinfield (Sharp Shooters)

1st - Sonia Allcock (Sharp Shooters)
2nd - Emma Boutet (Pagans Pole)

The UKAPP and BIPDC places were awarded to:
Intermediate level of UKAPP = Nikki Lines (Pagans Pole)
Advanced level of UKAPP = Heather Walker (Pagans Pole)
BIPDC Professional level = Sonia Allcock (Sharp Shooters)

Katie Davies, winner of the 'Performer' group, had this to say:

"I only started pole dancing the end of August 2009 so this was my first competition - but now I'm hooked! Preparing the routine and making everything fit was probably the hardest part, but my best tip is to get as many people to see your routine as possible so you can see their reaction and find out what they think. I even videoed my routine a couple of times to see how it looked! I loved the whole experience of competing, and the only time i really got nervous was just before i went on. It was really inspiring seeing other dance schools and more experienced dancers with their routines, as this has now pushed me on to trying more technical inverts. My advice to anyone thinking about entering a pole competition is just go for it - you only live once and once you've started entering and performing you won't wanna stop!"

The after party was also a huge success, with girls jumping straight back on the poles in the club and Sally-ann spent most of the evening demonstrating moves and helping a very celeb-struck crowd of girls pull off their tricks. The masterclasses went swimmingly - the girls worked hard and felt they had come away with a touch of Sally- Ann magic to play with! And of course lots of aches and bruises!!

All in all the North Wales Pole Competition 2010 was a huge success and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2011!

Photos provided by Glyn Davies (Glyn Davies Photo-Artist Ltd) of Menai Bridge - For stunning studio and pole dance portraits, see www.GlynDavies.com

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