Bombshells Bonanza

Taylors Retreat opened its doors on the 28th March for six hours of Pole Dancing fun with the Bodybarre Bombshells Kaz, Penny and Anna.

The day was pole packed! It began with a Hip Hop pole class in which everyone's legs were kept covered in baggy tracksuit bottoms and were dressed with bandanas to look and feel funky. The class was energetic as the pole tricks involved launching yourself from the pole to the floor in a messy yet cool fashion!

This pole dance style was definitely the highlight of the day.

"Thanks- wicked class and LOVE hiphop pole- all over it!! x" - Claire

"Thank you so much for today's masterclass I loved it! ESP the hip hop pole!!!
Bombshells rock!! X" - Natasha

Everyone took a well deserved rest after 90 minutes of Hip Hop Pole then paired up for a Pole Doubles session with Miss Pole UK 2009 Doubles Champions Miss Penny Howarth and Miss Anna Chisholm. Learning to share the pole can be tricky but a lot of fun and you climb all over each other and scramble for pole space! The girls taught a doubles pole routine along with off-the-pole acrobalance.

Following the Pole Doubles section, everyone moved back to the sexy side of pole with a Kaz dance routine which included Kaz's signature pole climb and beautiful pole poses. With the sixth hour upon us the girls still managed to achieve some strength tricks which involved many twisted handsprings!

The day was completed with a doubles performance by Anna and Penny followed by a performance from Kaz.

A fun, filled day packed with plenty of pole frolics. The Bombshells look forward to playing again very soon.

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