Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 Championships

Pole Passion calls all male pole performers for the second Mr Pole Fitness UK competition....let's see what the boys can do!

Date: 31st October 2010
Place: Olympos Pole Studio, Burgess Hill, Surrey

Bring on the boys! This competition is to show that pole dancing really is for everyone.

Pole dance is a challenging sport requiring strength and stamina; men and women are able to compete with equal ability but from different (equally skillful) angles, which is what makes this competition so exciting. This is a fantastic chance to observe the similarities and differences between the ways in which men may perform in contrast to female pole dancers.

The competition is in its 2nd year of running and was a very successful fun event last year; why not take the opportunity to come along and check it out? Please see the Pole Passion website
for further information.

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