Preview: Miss Pole Dance Alberta

August 26, 2011 at Whiskey Night Club, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

After seven extremely successful years of operation, PoleJunkies Pole Dance Studio Ltd. is once again bringing together dozens of men and women from around the province to participate in a unique sporting competition. The event is Miss Pole Dance Alberta 2011, being held August 26, 2011 at Whiskey Night Club, Calgary, AB, CAN. Fourteen pole dancers from across Alberta will be competing at this ground breaking event for trips, cash and prizes, to showcase their abilities for this empowering form of art.

"Pole dance is beautiful, athletic, graceful, and has evolved dramatically. When I founded PoleJunkies, my mission was to safely teach the art to anyone who shared my passion. It has grown to encompass a wide variety of physical benefits, and taken on an empowering tone," says President and founder of PoleJunkies, Alena Downs. "I am excited that this activity is finally receiving the acknowledgement and respect it deserves as a professional sport. We are even more excited that it is being taken out of the gentlemen’s clubs!"

This is the first pro sporting event of its kind in Alberta, and will be running as a preliminary to the Miss Pole Dance Canada ™ competition held in Vancouver in September 10, 2011. MPDA includes 2 divisions, professional and amateur. The "Miss Pole Dance" title has been running contests in this sport for years globally, but has only reached Canada in 2007.

For years, pole fitness buffs, pole and cirque performers flocked to Vancouver for an opportunity to compete for the title of Miss Pole Dance Canada, and the honored duty to represent Canada in the World’s Competition. The 2011 Worlds is being held in Budapest, Hungary in October. This year, Calgary has been honored to host the preliminary provincial event! Calgary has holds the largest number of pole & pole fitness events in the country (8 in 5 years), and has become known as the Pole Friendliest City in Canada!

MPDA 2011 would not have been able to happen without the support of our wonderful sponsors: Platinum Stages, Mighty Grip, Kittys Dance, Satori Fitness, PoleJunkies, Whiskey Night Club, Heartbreaker Fitness, The Calgary Firefighters Burn Victim Society, Deviant Optiks, H.U.H, Melrose Café & Bar, Creative Factor, PolEssentials, and Miss Pole Dance Canada.

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